Monday, November 4, 2013

Life is so fluid, always changing. Change can be difficult for a lot of reason. It could involve sacrifice, a new routine,  or  doing something that takes us out of our comfort zone. There a host of reason that it can be difficult. Jesus seem always to get to the root of it, our willingness to trust Him.  Sometimes the changes are slow over a period of time and you do not realize them until you look back and see where you are now in comparison to where you have been. Others times they are big and seem more dramatic, that you pause for a moment and think did that really just happen. The past few month has been about that change and more specifically the past couple of weeks. Let me explain and no I am not announcing I am leaving Haiti and returning to the states.

  We believe the people in our classes know the importance of knowing and sharing the gospel, but we have felt the need to stress discipleship making, starting bible studies in different communities for people who have made decision to follow Jesus. That groups of people can come together in homes to study the bible and pray together..."to strengthen and encourage another (You) as to your faith". (I Thess 3:2).

  I have struggled with doing this for several reason or I should say I have "excuses". Time, ability to get around, and the language barrier. God in His faithfulness has been removing these barriers for me, making changes so I have no more excuses. I know this sounds funny coming from a "missionary".  Language Barrier being removed. Abraham one of my students has been walking with me through communities sharing the gospel and praying with people. Oh, yeah, he is helping me learn Creole as we walk. Ability to get around. At times I feel tied down because of transportation. Abraham and I are both willing to walk and travel by tap-taps. So that leaves the big concern, time. God answered that prayer in a unexpected way last week. I was ask by leadership if I felt my responsibilities at the Mission House(Guest House) was keeping me from following God's call in my life. I answered, yes. That I felt the concerns of the house often keep me from getting out into the communities with my students. It was decide to  take the Mission House responsibilities away from me so I could focus on getting out. I admit this all happen rather unexpectedly and quickly. It left me thinking did this really just happen. Now it is to the streets. Pray as I build closer relationships with students, encouraging them to make disciples. My question is what is keeping you from following God's call on your life? I had to ask, you know I am a "missionary"

Update - We are also wanting to hold a revival the last week of November, if possible in Caraduex. We need help in getting sound equipment. The quote I got is $3000. I am praying for 6 churches or individuals who can contribute $500 to get the sound system. I need half down two weeks before the revival. We need one in order to hold it in a soccer field close to the church we meet in at Caraduex. Please pray for 6 churches or individuals. If you can help email me at or click on the donate button and state for "Revival-Haiti". If you could email me you donated that would be great.
Abraham and John

Thanks for your prayers

John Fitts

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