Monday, January 20, 2014

Jimani Pediatric Heart Surgery Update - from the Founder

Update by Chadasha Foundation founder Dr. Clint Doiron from our Jimani Campus (where we are preparing for our first round of pediatric heart surgeries in the new hospital):

"We (Dr. Atallah, Leo—the director of Santo Domingo's blood bank, Eric, Nurse Lisa, & I) went to the guest house where the children and parents are staying to do labs, meet them, and put their ID bands on this weekend.

Greg, Chris, Clint drove to Santiago to purchase the rest of the necessary meds for surgeries.

Yesterday, we traveled with the kids and parents to Jimani.  A group of three more children arrive tonight. The ones we met are beautiful, age ranging from 14 months to 15 years.

We have two babies, Devin, a 14 month old, and Samuel, an 18 month old. (There are 2 Samuels on the list this time.) They were all quite stoic for the blood draws (considering) except a 6-year old, Rolex who had a hard time.

The parents are so sweet, and like any of us—worried about their babies and the prognosis, hopeful and trusting. I prayed with them before we left, and all seemed to be strong in their faith.

The couple who owns the home where they are staying are doctors—the husband a Dominican family doctor by training, his wife an American OB-GYN. They had an experience almost costing them their lives at which point they gave their lives to Christ. They now run their home as a Ronald McDonald house for families of children having heart surgeries, doing outreach clinics for hospice  patients and widows—amazing!

Anyway, wonderful experience so far. Dr. Atallah expressing great concerns about everything, so taking his and the parents anxieties to our Heavenly Father now."

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